Announcing Blogust: Blog Relay for Good – Comments Count!

July 14, 2012 BY Chrysula Winegar

Blogust is a 31-day “relay” of blog posts, one per day for the month of August, each post linking to the next in the relay. For each comment on any of the 31 posts, a $20 donation will be made to Shot@Life (up to $200,000). Three bloggers and Shot@Life Champions, Morra Aarons-Mele, Emily McKhann and Chrysula Winegar talk about why comments count with Shot@Life.

“Comments are our currency”
Liz Gumbinner, May 2012

Communities are the heart and soul of a blogger’s life. We bare our lives, opinions and hearts to a largely unknown online world. A comment can lift us, inspire us and motivate us. Mom to mom. Blogger to blogger. Soul to soul. As conversation unfolds, a community is created and that online world is no longer unknown.

Has reading a blog ever opened a new door for you or simply made you feel not so alone?
How have your touchstone bloggers helped you through hard times, given you courage and strength? How has a community rallied to make you laugh and make you cry? How has the time they took to comment made a difference to you?

Our team of 31 top online voices, including Randi Zuckerberg and an amazing array of mom and dad bloggers will give back to their communities and parents and kids all over the world, in this unique campaign to make comments count as never before.

Light the Flame . . .
31 bloggers will each post on a day in August to interview or feature one of their own – someone who’s given them a deep sense of community and support. Someone who has touched them and ignited their heart and spirit.

$20 will be donated to Shot@Life for every comment made on each blog that day and on 30 other very special blogs for the month of August (up to $200,000). $20 is the cost to immunize a child with 4 essential life-saving vaccines. Comments never mattered so much: $20 literally equals one child’s life. How’s that for currency?

and Pass the Torch
They will announce, wave, smile, shout-out but most importantly – link – to the next day’s blogger, and the relay continues!

Here’s Where You Come In
You are the ‘secret sauce’ to this relay! Your comments are the key to saving lives and helping mothers and fathers hold on to their children. Every day, make a comment that gives a child a shot at life. Every day, $20 will be donated to Shot@Life because you took a moment to write your thoughts on a blog.

Check back regularly on for the Blogust schedule and updates all throughout August!




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