Advocacy Update: House Appropriators Consider Bill to Fund Global Health and Vaccines

May 22, 2012 BY Kimberly Sutton

Over the last couple of weeks, the House Appropriations Committee met to decide the funding levels for all of the critical global health programs the U.S. supports. The Committee approved a bill that will fund overall global health programs at a total of $8.018 billion, an increase of $164 million over President Obama’s request for global health funding for the year. The Committee strongly expressed their support for global immunization and vaccination programs, singling out the work of GAVI and recognizing the importance of vaccines in saving lives of children in developing countries, as well as in promoting a country’s overall ability to develop.

However, this is just the first step in a process that may not end until next year. Next up, the Senate will take up their version of the bill and the full House of Representatives may take their version up in July. All along the way there will be pressure on our policymakers to invest in one program over another. There will be times throughout this year where we will need your voice to ensure that global health and global vaccine programs are seen as a national priority. 

Keep an eye out for more updates from Shot@Life, and visit our advocacy page and contact your member of Congress to tell them you care about global vaccines and giving more kids a shot at a healthy life.


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